How Do I Take the Doors Off of My Jeep Wrangler?

December 7th, 2020 by

If you’re wondering how to remove the doors from your Jeep Wrangler, Dan Cummins of Georgetown is here to help! Our dealership near Lexington and Louisville is eager to help any Jeep owners, and we’ll take you through each step of the process to get your doors removed safely and swiftly.

How to Remove the Doors From Your Jeep Wrangler

Roll down your window: This will prevent damage.

Locate the supply tool kit in the center console: Use the #50 Torx head driver to remove the hinge pin screws from the upper and lower outside hinges of the door. The dedicated bolt tray can hold each of the removed hinge pin screws.

Find the plastic wiring access door under the instrumental panel: Slide the cover straight back towards the rear of the vehicle, do not pry it back or outward in order to avoid damage to the cover.

Disconnect the wiring harness: Push the locking tab upward to unlock the harness, push and hold down on the security tab beneath the wiring harness while simultaneously lifting the harness lever. Pull the harness straight down to disconnect it and store the wiring connector in the lower door basket.

Remove the check screw from the center door check: Use the #40 Torx head driver to remove, and store the check screw in the bolt tray.

Open the door, lift it clear of the hinge pins, and remove the door: To reinstall your doors, simply reverse the removal steps! We recommend having another person to help you with your Wrangler’s heavy doors.

Contact Our Lexington Jeep Dealership for Assistance or Questions

Please use caution during door removal and reinstallation, and if you have any questions about your Wrangler’s door removal or reinstallation process, feel free to contact us at Dan Cummins of Georgetown.

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