Top 6 Reasons Jeep Wranglers Hold Their Value

November 13th, 2020 by

A black and white photo is showing a 1940 used Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep Wrangler motto “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” has stood the test of time since the Willys-Overland was introduced over eight decades ago. The Jeep’s tale of adventure started during the war in the 1940s and evolved into one of the most iconic vehicles on the road today. Designed to fill a need for a car that could go over any terrain, the Jeep has evolved into the ultimate off-road companion. Because of its adventure-ready status, its signature design, and impressive capability, Wranglers are in high demand, but it’s not just new Wranglers that drivers want. Used Jeep Wranglers are a hot commodity in the car industry, as the team here at Dan Cummins of Georgetown will tell you. Let’s take a closer look at why used Wranglers are so popular and the reasons they tend to hold their value over time!

#1. A Place in History

The Wrangler’s iconic place in American history starts our list of the reasons used Jeep Wranglers hold their value. In 1940, the United States Army requested bids from 135 automakers for a quarter-ton four-wheel-drive vehicle. Of the requests, Ford, Willys, and Bantam were the only companies to respond, and, within 75 days, the Willys-Overland Quad was designed and delivered to the Army. The Jeep became an integral part of the Army’s war efforts and saw several upgrades and redesigns over the next few years to serve as combat vehicles, snowplows, fire-fighting pumpers, tractors, and more.

The Willys’ reputation with the United States Army expanded to the civilian market and has held a coveted place among drivers ever since. The first civilian Jeep was called the CJ and would later become the easily recognizable Jeep Wrangler. Today, history buffs, car collectors, and Jeep fans alike search the country for early model Willys to add to their collections. This has helped build the Wrangler’s reputation for holding its value whether a collector is looking for a war-era model or a newer, used model that offers a sense of adventure and a nod to America’s rich history.

#2. Built to Last

Along with its place in American history, the Jeep Wrangler also holds its value because of its build and design. The Wrangler is one of the toughest vehicles on the road and is built to last whether it’s traveling down the highway or seeking a wild adventure off the beaten path. Its impressive capability began with its early role in the war and extends to its modern use for off-roading and trail riding by adventurers around the country. This durability makes even used Jeep Wranglers a popular purchase since Jeep ensures the models are built to last and withstand even the toughest, most grueling conditions.

An orange and a silver 2008 used Jeep Wrangler Rubicon are parked in the woods.

#3. Four-Wheel Drive Technology

Another huge selling point for the Jeep Wrangler is its four-wheel drive technology that mirrors the Jeep motto of “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.” Jeep brings that motto to life for Wrangler drivers with a constantly evolving four-wheel drive system that ensures the Wrangler is always ready and capable for the next adventure. Jeep is one of the leaders in four-wheel drive technology, which adds to the Wrangler’s lasting value across new and used models.

Jeep spent the last eight decades mastering four-wheel drive technology, and it shows in the newest models. The Wrangler maximizes power and increases traction by transferring power to the wheels utilizing off-road differentials. The Wrangler also features skid plates and optional rock rails that protect the underbody and sides of the vehicle when traversing rocky terrain. What truly sets the four-wheel drive technology apart from the competition are the Dana heavy-duty solid axles that ensure smooth operation and stability on a variety of terrains.

#4. Open-Air Immersive Driving

The Wrangler is the original four-wheel drive vehicle to offer a truly immersive driving experience in what Jeep calls “open-air freedom.” Early model Wranglers were topless, which gave drivers and passengers no protection from the environment. However, as the design evolved, Jeep found a way to give Wrangler drivers the best of both worlds by offering a soft or hard top option as well as removable doors. Now, any model Wrangler you get has modular pieces that you can change and remove to create the ultimate driving experience.

Wranglers hold their value because of this open-air freedom that enables drivers to remove the soft or hardtop. To get even closer to nature, drivers can remove the doors and, in some models, remove the front windshield when on an off-road adventure. These options are among the top perks of owning a Wrangler and allow drivers to experience the open air and the world around them from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

#5. Trail Rated and Tested

New and used Jeep Wranglers are Trail Rated, which is more than a badge on the body of the SUV. The Trail Rated badge means that the Wrangler passed a series of five tests in ground clearance, traction, water fording, maneuverability, and articulation. The traction test ensures the Wrangler is capable of handling even the most grueling conditions and toughest terrains without compromising the safety of the vehicle or the driver. Because Wranglers are known for tackling tough road conditions, the water fording test is also vital. It ensures the vehicle is capable of fording through water without damaging the electrical connections or body. This is especially important in Jeep’s newest hybrid model—the 4XE—that houses a powerful electric motor under the rear seats of the vehicle.

Maneuverability is another key factor in the Trail Rated tests and focuses on the Wrangler’s steering and wheelbase to deliver outstanding capability in the tightest situations. Like maneuverability, articulation is also important to the Wrangler’s handling and ensures that the wheels are stable and that the suspension is flexible during off-road adventures like rock crawling. The last test is ground clearance and ensures that the Wrangler has plenty of room between its underbody and the ground to minimize the potential for damage.

A red 2005 used Jeep Wrangler is parked with trees in the background.

#6. Trim Packages

Since debuting the first Willys Jeep in 1940, Jeep has continuously evolved and improved its design. This led to dozens of different models and trim packages over the last eight decades that means there’s truly a Wrangler that meets everyone’s likes and needs. For example, the newest Wrangler comes in 12 different available trims between the standard and special edition offerings. And that’s just one year. This wide array of options has been a trend for Wranglers for many years previous as well. Some of the most popular used Wranglers throughout history include the CJ5 (1954), YJ (1980s), TJ (1997), LJ (2001), and the JK (2001), all of which have held their value.

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