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Used Ram Dealership In KY

Since 1981, Ram has dominated the heavy-duty truck industry, creating tough and reliable models for truckers everywhere. Since the Dodge/Ram split in 2009, Ram has been able to focus solely on developing high-quality trucks. As a result, Rams have gotten more attention and are now more powerful than ever. Since 2009, Ram has produced several models and trim levels which all offer powerful engines and multiple configurations, including half-tons, three-quarter tons, and one-ton models. Whether you’re pulling a small fishing boat or a loaded cattle trailer, you need to visit a reliable used Ram dealership in KY.

That's where Dan Cummins of Georgetown comes in. We have long been supporters of this excellent brand, and we have an excellent inventory of reliable Ram trucks for you to choose from. Whether you want something old school like the Ram 1500 Classic or you need the power you can only get from the Ram 3500, we can help you find the perfect truck.

A red 2020 Ram 1500 is shown from the front on a dirt path after leaving a used Ram dealer in KY.

Why You Should Trust Our Experts

If you’re a Kentuckian who’s looking for a used Ram truck, you probably already know what you want out of it. You know how much you need to tow, what engine you prefer, and how much or how little technology you’d like. The good news for you is that here at Dan Cummins of Georgetown, we don’t have a secret agenda. We won’t try to get you to buy something if that doesn’t match your standards. We’re the best used Ram dealership in Kentucky because we put your wants and needs above all else to find you the best truck.

Not only can you trust our knowledge because we’re genuine, but you can also trust that we know what we’re talking about. On our website, we include thorough research on all our recent models. We educate ourselves, and we make that information accessible to you as well. We want to make sure you know just as much as we do. We never want to make you feel inferior. Yes, we are experts, but because we are genuine experts, we won’t ever use stats or specs to manipulate or intimidate you. Instead, we provide you with the same information that we have so you can make a clear and unbiased decision based on your individual preferences.

Further, we train our sales team to manage different aspects of the process. In short, you’re getting someone with the utmost expertise because they’re not just a jack of all trades. For example, we hire product specialists, leasing specialists, floor managers, and individual internet sales coordinators for those of you who choose to shop online. In addition to this, we have an outstanding team of finance managers who handle the credit and loan aspect of your buying experience. Here at our dealership, you’ll never ask a question without a solid answer. We work together to answer all of your questions and find a vehicle that will work well for you and that you can afford. Transparency is important to us here at Dan Cummins of Georgetown.

A white 2020 Ram 2500 is parked next to afield with an ATV in the bed.

Why Choose Dan Cummins of Georgetown Over Other Dealers?

Used car lots have a stereotype surrounding them for a reason. Many used car dealers are desperate for your money, and they won’t exactly be as honest or direct with you as they should be. Dan Cummins of Georgetown is different. We take care of our used models, ensuring they’re thoroughly inspected. We want to sell you a good car that's going to last, not just make a quick sale.

In fact, our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models must undergo multi-point inspections, ensuring that every part is functioning properly. They also can’t have too many miles on them, making many CPO models almost as good as a new one, but for a lower price. CPO models often have a much lower interest rate than brand new models, which helps lower their price even more. Before you go and pay out of pocket for a used Ram model, visit Dan Cummins of Georgetown to see what reliable deals we can offer you.

In addition to our reliable used models, we also have our very own servicing center. Here, we used genuine OEM parts for all of your repairs. You won’t be getting any aftermarket parts here at Dan Cummins of Georgetown. If you already own a vehicle and you want your parts upgraded, we can also help you out. Our service center offers several services, including wheel balancing, power steering flushing, oil changes, wheel alignments, tire changes and rotations, and much more. We even offer emission servicing, which tunes up your vehicle’s exhaust system. This helps to reduce emissions, keeping you and your family healthier while benefiting the rest of the world in the process. By choosing our Kentucky dealership, your used Ram will undergo a high-quality inspection, and servicing it will always be an easy and reliable process.

Another reason to choose us is we work hard to provide you services that fit within your schedule. We even include several handy online tools to help get the buying process going before you even enter the store, so you can shop online and spend less of your time physically at the dealership. You can apply for financing via our website, along with valuing your trade-in and calculating your potential car payment. You can also view our entire inventory online as well so that you can come in already knowing what you want to test drive. Overall, at Dan Cummins of Georgetown, we’re committed to providing you with the best used vehicles, reliable parts, and an accessible buying experience.

A olive green 2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition is shown parked outside of a warehouse in the fog.

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